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Focused Trading Environment

We built thecryptovault to get you in the zone and to cut out all other distractions. There is SO MUCH misinformation out there! It's important to stay focused on what works and put blinders on to everything else. Our platform was designed with one thing in mind; to tell you where the best money making opportunities are in the crypto markets. Period.

Our Code Does The Heavy Lifting

Subscribers to our platform will see our algorithms do magic on BTC/ETH and hundreds of alt coins. From 5 min to 1 week time frames; we highlight in an easy to understand format exactly what you need to keep your eyes on at any given moment.

Custom Radar Screen& Most Active Coins

thecryptovault's custom radar screen makes it easy to keep an eye on coins/projects you like and follow. You'll see our indicator flashing if anything is about to go down to alert you of potential money making opportunities. Our Active tab tracks the top coins by volume on each exchange. Liquidity is very important in the market and those with larger accounts will want to focus on the coins with the most liquidity so they can easily move in and out of their positions. When whales move they make waves and our active tab signals keep you trading in the right lane at the right time.

Choose the right Package for you

Details Monthly Quarterly Yearly
Price $399 $1197$810 $4788$2880
Signals Membership Monthly Quarterly Annually
Sophisticated Charting Platform
Accurate Top & Bottom Signals
Chat With Other Members
Mobile / Tablet Friendly
Radar Alerts For Opportunities